What Sets Us Apart

We provide relentless, exceptional, unrivalled customer services and products that keep the competition guessing how we do this at prices so low. Our success comes from understanding our industry and doing what we do very differently and extremely well. We have a compelling purpose embedded in a system of value creation always addressing our customers needs and doing this in a way that is difficult to imitate.


As an independent hotel we are able to tailor make services and products specific and unique to every one of our guests individual preferences. We are specialists and renowned in providing good old-fashioned one-to-one guest services. We are constantly thinking outside the box and always trying to serve the unmet needs that the large budget chain hotels often fail to meet.


Here at the Icon Hotel our focus is on our staff. We inspire our employees pursuing a career and they have a passion and genuine desire to exceed our guests expectations. They are committed and connected to the Icon’s purpose and goals and we put the staff first so that they in turn put our valued guests first. They are a part of our decision making, they matter and they are valued but above all they are proud to have been a part of making the Icon what it is.